Featured Customer

I just wanted to take a moment to complement your team members that serviced the Port Lavaca Bay Meadows subdivision today (10/30/2018). Your teams are always friendly, helpful, and professional but what I witnessed today was really exceptional. It seems that dogs had pulled some trash out of a neighbors dumpster buggy and made a mess. While the back guy was taking care of our buggy the driver hopped out and picked up the mess. Once the back guy finished our buggy he came & picked up what was left while the driver returned to the truck. The attention to detail and pride in their work that they demonstrated was exceptional. Please thank them for a job well done!

Kevin H.

Happy Customers

Amazing people!!! I'm a new customer and I LOVE WHITE TRASH SERVICES... and it's always awesome to support those businesses who love our VETS and country!!!

Steven S.

We have been using White Trash Services for a few years in Mission Valley and love it! This past week, though, they really went above and beyond!

We needed one of WTS's totes because our personal one was just too small. I mailed a check on Tuesday July 4th, which means it didn't hit the mail until the next day (Wednesday) and we had a tote by Friday! Maybe even Thursday, I didn't pay attention. Regardless, that's insanely fast and WTS came out to deliver when it wasn't even our regular trash day! That's amazing customer service :)

Ashley C

I was late getting my trash out this morning. I was probably 80 or 90 feet away when the truck pulled up. The guy came trotting towards me and took the can. I said sorry I'm running a little late this morning. He said don't worry about it I forget sometimes too. He dumped my can and said have a nice weekend. This is the reason I changed to White Trash Srvices. Excellent service since the beginning!!!!!!!

Billy M.

Excellent service and very kind owners that went out of their way to help while my mother was in the hospital. Highly recommend.

Tracy Z.

THANK YOU!!!! Just love the sales reps and the Drivers. A great company. Love the Services they provide.

Amanda S.

We are very happy with our White Trash Service! Very nice people and they care about their customers!

Caraleen F.

Awesome service! The route workers are respectful and polite! The price is unbeatable! I'm so happy I switched!

Linda S.

Thanks sooooooo much guys got all the trash jusst so muddy. Have great day!

Meg B.